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Charles D., U.S. physician, 1866-1951. See: Aaron sign.


in the Old Testament of the Bible, Moses' brother.
Aaron rod - walking stick (rod) with one serpent twined around it, used as a symbol for medicine.
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Aaron Jungreis represented the seller in the transaction.
Although they thought they were doing well on their own, Melanie persuaded Aaron to pay $350 for a financial adviser in 1998 to help them get the best possible performance from their investment dollars.
For more than 20 years, Aaron and Robinson compared notes on their shared racial adversity.
Along the way, Aaron has grown into a dancer with a singular blend of musicality, grace, and athleticism.
My Savior My God"; Aaron Shust; Bridge Building, Whitespot Publishing
Plantation owners said the slaves couldn't talk to each other, so they invented a form of talking in their songs,'' Aaron said.
Hank Aaron is a true American hero, and we are honored to have him on our team.
6% revenue growth last year, Aaron has successfully made the transition from sports legend to business star, and built a BMW dealership from the ground up that now ranks in the top 50% in sales for BMW of North America L.
Aaron was soon spotted practicing his jumps at the local rink by boys on the ice hockey team.
You don't need to be a top-notch detective like Aaron Gunner to get a thrill out of Gar Anthony Haywood's latest mystery.
Greg Aaron to Spearhead Peak 10's Operations in Kentucky