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 (A-V) atrioventricular; arteriovenous.
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Abbreviation for arteriovenous; atrioventricular.
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, AV
Abbreviation for arteriovenous;
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Abbreviation for arteriovenous; atrioventricular; auriculoventricular.
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Q. I developed an AV Fistula after a heart catherization procedure. I am bleeding through the tissues in left arm I am on coumadin, but currently have a lower than usual INR. Corrective surgery was scheduled for yesterday, but had to be delayed. I am concerned that I have a large amount of blood (dark red) bleeding though the tissues right under the skin in my left arm. Should I seek immediate medical attention? The bleeding is over approximately a 3 and 1/2" area on my left arm. Came about in a period of a few minutes.

A. well, you are on blood thinners. i wouldn't take the chance. i mean- i'm not sure i follow what is happening over there. it could be a severe problem or nothing. i would let a doctor check it out. the worse thing that could happen is you wasting a day at the hospital, on the other end of that scenario- you can end up dead. i would go with the first one.

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Ravi Suri, Partner, Global Head of Infrastructure Finance, KPMG Lower Gulf, said: "With Dubai's enthusiasm for technological innovations-in particular, its forays into artificial intelligence and blockchain-the UAE is well-positioned to leverage the tremendous benefits of AVs in the future."
Although the DOT will rely heavily on the private sector's voluntary safety self-assessments, it will not play a passive role in the development and integration of AVs. Rather, the DOT will concentrate on removing current barriers to the technologies, and it has announced certain affirmative steps that its operating administrations are taking on this front.
To ensure maximum safety, AVs will need to communicate with each other, the surrounding infrastructure and a host of third-party platforms.
Most privately owned AVs have the autonomous technology built into the vehicle, but the AMAS was designed to keep the AV technology separate from the vehicle, allowing it to be used with almost any vehicle in the inventory.
Former President Obama carved out $4 billion in the 2017 budget for AV development, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is bullishly advocating for AVs. In order to get around the patchwork of various state laws that are already developing, the Department of Transportation (DOT) and NHTSA have issued two recent operational guidelines for AV testing and regulation, and a "model" policy for the states to help end the mish-mash of regulations that threaten to stymie the development of AVs.
Recent incidents involving AVs have sparked negative press and underscored the importance of public safety in self-driving cars.
Debates about autonomous vehicles (AVs) can sometimes become quite polarized, with neither side willing to acknowledge that there are both risks and opportunities.
WHILE THE FUTURE of mobility almost universally is thought to rest upon the pillar of autonomous vehicles, traditional automakers and suppliers have their work cut out for them both in exposing consumers to the advantages of AVs on one hand and in not ceding AV leadership and profits to technology companies on the other.
By the way, parking spaces will be gone as well since AVs don't need to stay still when the owners are doing something else.
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