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Similarly, fluoroscopy time and number of RF energy applications in AVNRT were significantly shorter as compared to AVRT and AT (p 0.
Radiofrequency ablation of AVNRT, AVRT and AT has become the first line therapy for patients with recurrent episodes of SVT.
Similar trend has been observed in our study with a significant difference in the mean procedural time between AVNRT and AVRT (92.
Carotid sinus massage or adenosine may terminate an antidromic AVRT.
Classification of tachycardia (AVJRT = atrioventricular junctional re-entrant tachycardia; AVNRT = atrioventricular nodal re-entrant tachycardia; AVRT = atrioventricular re-entrant tachycardia; BBB = bundle branch block; AVB = atrioventricular block).
Only 2 arrhythmias present as short RP tachycardias: AVNRT and AVRT.
A careful review of the position of the P wave with respect to the QRS complex can provide additional help in distinguishing between AVNRT and AVRT.
This creates a potential dilemma in differentiating 30% of AVNRTs from AVRT.
There were no cases of permanent AV block in 151 ablated subjects with AVNRT or AVRT, despite frequent ablations near the AV node, according to the manufacturer.