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In 1998 AVI acquired Seattle-based ImmunoTherapy Corp., which had just completed Phase II clinical trials on its cancer vaccine, AVICINE.
To date, we are very encouraged by the results generated from our Phase II clinical trials of Avicine, our therapeutic cancer vaccine, in colorectal and pancreatic cancer.
(Nasdaq: AVII, AVIIW, AVIIZ), Portland, Ore., has announced that its therapeutic cancer vaccine, AVICINE, provided a substantial survival benefit in patients with pancreatic cancer.
In a 55-patient Phase II study, patients were treated with AVICINE alone or in combination with gemcitabine (Gemzar(R), Eli Lilly & Co., NYSE: LLY).
One-year survival data for the AVICINE alone group is similar to that reported for Gemzar.
The findings provide ample support for AVI's ongoing AVICINE cancer vaccine program."
Our preliminary data, presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Oncology (ASCO) in May, 2001, suggested that AVICINE is as effective as traditional chemotherapy, but without the devastating side effects associated with that treatment," said David H.
These two monoclonal antibodies were produced using AVI's Avicine cancer vaccine, now in late stage clinical development and Abgenix Inc.'s (Nasdaq:ABGX) XenoMouse(TM) Technology.
"Using the Abgenix technology, which AVI licensed in January 1999, we have successfully produced human monoclonal antibodies to the two targets of our cancer vaccine, Avicine," commented Denis R.
Avicine is an essentially nontoxic therapeutic cancer vaccine which elicits a highly specific immune response to the human hormone and growth factor chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a cancer-associated oncofetal protein.
Its lead clinical agent, Avicine, a therapeutic cancer vaccine, is in Phase II trial in pancreatic cancer, and will soon enter a Phase III pivotal trial in colorectal cancer and a Phase II trial in Prostate cancer.