AV ratio

ratio, AV 

The ratio of the diameter of the ret-inal arteries to that of the retinal veins. It is usually around two-thirds. Deviations from this value may indicate a vascular disease (e.g. hypertension).
Millodot: Dictionary of Optometry and Visual Science, 7th edition. © 2009 Butterworth-Heinemann
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This indicates that, first, the increase of the AV ratio increases the mean speed given the same density, and second, with more AVs involved, the entire traffic flow could endure a higher density for any given speed.
Focusing on Figure 5(a), we see that, with each AV ratio alpha, [f.sub.i,j] evolves along a fundamental-diagram-like curve over densities of lanes i and j, and this is in fact consistent with our intuitive understanding; that is, when the densities of both lanes are low, vehicles have more freedom to do lane changing, and [f.sub.i,j] increases with the number of vehicles on roads until reaching a critical/turning point and then starts to decrease.
The simulation results also indicate that the critical/turning points are not much sensitive to the AV ratio values.