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Thiokol (thī´ōkôl), brand name for polysulfide polymer using a mercaptan bond. The basic ingredient of rubber-base impression materials. See also mercaptan.
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Working with Continuing Education at Weber State University has provided real value in the development of personnel and skills within our information systems organization," says Paul Christensen, applications analyst at ATK Thiokol Propulsion.
ATK Thiokol is growing on two tracks, rocket propulsion and composite materials.
Lockheed Martin ATL leads a team that includes Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Programs (Skunk Works), Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center, the Lockheed Martin-managed Sandia National Laboratories, AeroCraft, ATK Thiokol and the University of Pennsylvania.
Avexus solutions have been selected by leading organizations, including ATK Thiokol, Goodrich, L-3 Avionics, Messier-Bugatti-Tracer, Pemco Aeroplex, the U.
Revenue from ATK Thiokol increased $5 million in the quarter to $227 million, representing organic growth of 2 percent over the prior-year quarter, driven by $11 million in higher revenue from NASA.
6 million with ATK Thiokol of Brigham City, Utah, to continue design and development of the first stage for the crew launch vehicle.
LAS VEGAS, April 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- American Pacific Corporation (the "Company") today announced that, effective April 5, 2006, it entered into Modification #3 to the Thiokol Long Term Pricing Agreement (the "Amendment") with ATK Thiokol ("ATK").
Avexus solutions have been selected by leading organizations, including ATK Thiokol, Dallas Airmotive, Goodrich, Messier-Bugatti-Tracer, Pemco Aeroplex, the U.
Also at the launch festivities, Alcoa employee Daniel Gray King received the Space Flight Awareness Honoree Award from Alcoa's customer, ATK Thiokol, for his excellence in quality and safety.
The Launch Systems Group comprises the operations of ATK Thiokol as well as several missile defense propulsion and launch vehicle programs previously managed by the Advanced Propulsion and Space Systems Group.
Low is a legendary figure for his vision and his role in developing our nation's space programs," said Ron Dittemore, President of ATK Thiokol.
We're proud to support this vital program and look forward to performing this work in the years ahead, even as we begin to work on elements of potential future systems," said Ron Dittemore, Group President, ATK Thiokol.