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Thiokol (thī´ōkôl), brand name for polysulfide polymer using a mercaptan bond. The basic ingredient of rubber-base impression materials. See also mercaptan.
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Working with Continuing Education at Weber State University has provided real value in the development of personnel and skills within our information systems organization," says Paul Christensen, applications analyst at ATK Thiokol Propulsion.
ATK Thiokol is growing on two tracks, rocket propulsion and composite materials.
ATK Thiokol is looking past the shuttle to the next generation of space vehicles.
Also at the launch festivities, Alcoa employee Daniel Gray King received the Space Flight Awareness Honoree Award from Alcoa's customer, ATK Thiokol, for his excellence in quality and safety.
King was instrumental in developing the current partnership that exists between ATK Thiokol, NASA and Alcoa," said Mike Kahn, vice president of Space Launch Systems at ATK Thiokol.
Orbital recognized the following companies and program manager: ATK THIOKOL PROPULSION SYSTEMS SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR Brigham City and Magna, Utah ATK Thiokol Propulsion was selected for the Systems Supplier of the Year Award based on strong technical expertise, high product quality, rigorous engineering practices and 100% on-time delivery of rocket motors in 2003.
Now installed in over 100 countries with more than a million users, its Fortune 500 and other world-class customers include ATK Thiokol, BellSouth, Citizens Communications, DaimlerChrysler North America, Dominion, Eastman Chemical, Ericsson, Fidelity Investments, Owens & Minor, Norfolk Southern, Nortel Networks, Philips Medical Systems, Qwest, Roche Diagnostics, Sandia National Labs, Steelcase, Telcordia Technologies, and Verizon.
AMEX: ASE) (AS&E(R)), announced today an order for its High Energy Systems division (HES) from ATK Thiokol Propulsion based in Promontory, Utah.