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Abbreviation for atmosphere absolute.


1. One atmosphere absolute, i.e., the air pressure found at sea level on earth.
2. American Telemedicine Association.
3. American Tinnitus Association.
4. Alliance for Technology Access.


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Let's get back to the "cheap drive" stigma of the ATA product.
For the majority, Intelligent ATA delivers the performance and reliability currently not satisfied by tape, standalone Serial ATA, or even modular Fibre Channel solutions.
Through the combination of ATA economics and integration into the high-availability CLARiiON architecture, EMC now makes it possible for customers to bring more information online.
The benefit is obvious: with a RAID system built using ATA drives and one of these new controllers, the file server thinks it's interfacing to a SCSI device, and derives all the benefits of SCSI RAID, but at a much lower cost.
The ATA Controller is available now in a 14 mm x 14 mm 100-pin TQFP package in both commercial and industrial temperature grades, and is priced at $5.
While maintaining compatibility with today's software, Serial ATA will provide a storage interface that meets the needs of tomorrow's computers and links emerging system and storage technologies.
Parallel ATA is handicapped by its inability to support hot-plug drives.
Serial-Attached SCSI combines the enterprise features of Parallel SCSI and Fibre Channel with the efficiencies of the Serial ATA interconnect.