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Abbreviation for atmosphere absolute.


1. One atmosphere absolute, i.e., the air pressure found at sea level on earth.
2. American Telemedicine Association.
3. American Tinnitus Association.
4. Alliance for Technology Access.


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Let's get back to the "cheap drive" stigma of the ATA product.
For the majority, Intelligent ATA delivers the performance and reliability currently not satisfied by tape, standalone Serial ATA, or even modular Fibre Channel solutions.
The cost per gigabyte of ATA disk drives has declined to the point where they can become a viable part of these processes.
Also, CLARiiON with ATA disk-based backup and restore offers greater levels of reliability over offline media through CLARiiON's highly available architecture and unique data integrity and disk scrubbing technologies.
SATA, as mentioned earlier, merges a serial signaling technology to ATA drives.
While maintaining compatibility with today's software, Serial ATA will provide a storage interface that meets the needs of tomorrow's computers and links emerging system and storage technologies.
Parallel ATA is handicapped by its inability to support hot-plug drives.
The Netopia ATA connects a standard telephone to the Internet via a broadband gateway, enabling users to make phone calls over the Internet when subscribed to a VoIP service.
Serial-Attached SCSI is the logical evolution of Parallel SCSI that satisfies the data center requirement of scalability, performance, reliability, and manageability, while leveraging a common electrical and physical connection interface from Serial ATA.
Will Serial ATA impact disk-automation solutions for disk-to-disk (D2D) backup?