American Standard Safety System

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safety system

 [sāf´te sis´tem]
a system designed to minimize hazards due to human error; in respiratory therapy it is a system of connections designed to help prevent accidental interchanging of incorrect equipment or gases.
American Standard Safety System a system of specifications for threaded high-pressure connections between compressed gas cylinders and their attachments.
Diameter-Indexed Safety System a system of specifications for threaded low-pressure connections between station outlets, flowmeters, and other devices such as nebulizers, ventilators, and anesthesia apparatus.
Pin-Indexed Safety System a subsection of the American Standard Safety system that applies only to valve outlets of small cylinders and employs a joke and pin connection.
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American Standard Safety System



Any of the specifications that govern the manufacture and use of threaded systems that link high-pressure, medical gas cylinders and the pressure-reducing valves that release the gases for clinical use to the patient. ASSS specifications differ for each type of medical gas in order to prevent medical errors, for example, to keep users from administering nitrogen or carbon dioxide to a patient for whom oxygen has been prescribed.


Whenever gases, e.g., anesthetics, nebulized medications, oxygen are administered to patients, care should be taken to definitively identify the source gas and to monitor its concentration and flow rate.
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