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Christine Lung, ASRT director of government relations, compared the legislative process to growing an apple tree from a tiny sapling.
In addition to officers of the ASRT, members voted for chapter delegates to serve in the House of Delegates at the 2009 meeting.
While they supported the intent of that resolution, they noted that the ASRT already has a statement on ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable), the practice standards endorse using minimal dosage and that "high dose" was not defined.
The group also recommended several changes to ensure that the bylaws reflect ASRT positions, operations and current practice.
The project, called ODIA for Online Digital Imaging Academy, is a collaborative effort between the ARRT and the ASRT Education and Research Foundation.
In 1996 the NCSRT earned funding through the ASRT Affiliate Incentive Program.
Because of safety-related questions raised with the ASRT Office of Practice Issues and a desire to focus on patient safety, ASRT initiated a series of efforts focused on contrast handling and administration.
Holden has been active in the ASRT since joining and has served in the House of Delegates every year but one.
The ASRT suggests that you consult your physician for specific information concerning your imaging exam and medical condition.