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0 based on the published sequences of Sus scrofa MC1R (AF326520) and ASIP (AJ427478), respectively (Table 1, Figure 2A, 2B).
There are four main curricula to the ASIP program: "Hear My Story," "ASIP Navigator," "Charting Your Course," and "Action Theater" (see Table 2).
The 1997 National Research Council study on the Air Force's aging force, as well as the engineering community at recent ASIP conferences, have voiced concerns that budget pressures, rather than structural needs, are driving the level of ASIP implementation as fleet managers need to allocate their resources between sustainment of aging airframes and other aging aircraft subsystems (for example, modernization of avionics).
So, right now, get your supply people to order straps and covers for the ASIP.
DesignCon attendees will be able to learn more about Intelli[TM], Virage Logic's silicon-proven ASIP product line, which includes:
ASIP is a next-generation signals intelligence sensor being developed for U.
You now have a choice between the BA-5590/U, NSN 6135-01-438-9450, and the BA-5390/U, NSN 6135-01-501-0833, for non-vehicle power to your SINCGARS ASIP radio and other applications that use the BA-5590/U.
Apache Design Solutions, NSPICE, RedHawk, PsiWinder, Sahara-PTE, Vectorless Dynamic and ASIP are trademarks of Apache Design Solutions, Inc.
ASIP partners are system integrators who use LinuxLink as their foundation for embedded Linux development so more of their time can be spent designing innovative solutions.
Under the agreement, effective December 1, 2005, ASIP will offer up to a five percent premium discount annually per DriveCam-equipped vehicle.
will be receiving an additional $272,000 through ASIP to further develop its SI-CAT technology.
Existing ASIP and T-Networks investors participated in the round including Atlas Venture, BlueRun Ventures, Finaventures, Intel Capital, Redpoint Ventures, and TL Ventures.