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used Synopsys' ASIP Designer tool to design a high-performance application-specific instruction set processor (ASIP) for its full-color multifunction printer.
A strong ASIP design flow is critical to gain a competitive engineering advantage in cost, performance and power of reconfigurable radio architectures," said Liesbet Van der Perre, Green Radio program director at imec.
Finally, when the covers and rails come in, take the time to put them in place on every ASIP and every VAA under your control.
There are four main curricula to the ASIP program: "Hear My Story," "ASIP Navigator," "Charting Your Course," and "Action Theater" (see Table 2).
The 1997 National Research Council study on the Air Force's aging force, as well as the engineering community at recent ASIP conferences, have voiced concerns that budget pressures, rather than structural needs, are driving the level of ASIP implementation as fleet managers need to allocate their resources between sustainment of aging airframes and other aging aircraft subsystems (for example, modernization of avionics).
As the semiconductor industry's trusted IP partner, Virage Logic expanded its ability to address the company's target markets in the rapid development of System-on-Chip (SoC) integrated circuits (ICs) when it added the ASIP product line to its family of memory compilers, logic libraries and related development tools.
Codasip's unique technology makes ASIP adoption as simple and easy as standard embedded processor cores.
ASIP advocates for the practice of investigative pathology and fosters the professional career development and education of its members.
This flight launched the flight test phase of the ASIP program, which will deliver enhanced SIGINT capabilities to the warfighter on both the U-2 and the RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle.
Leverages Synopsys' proven ASIP tool technology that has been used by more than 50 companies to design hundreds of successful products
Operating Instructions for J-6633/U 119 FEI ASIP (119 F) Adaptor NSN 5940-01-504-3218
This procedure adapted to market designed that services must work and office mobilers supply in order to renovate and reorganize the local health ASIP.