standard cell

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stan·dard cell

an electrical cell having a definite known voltage; used to calibrate other electric cells.
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Defending ASIC, which was accused of not protecting the interests of consumers, Shipton said, 'I would not cast it that way, with due respect.
Two slave ASIC products will go on sale - the JL-102A and the JL-103A .
Platform ASIC technology reduces up-front tooling costs, as fewer tools are required compared to a cell-based ASIC development.
At first, Semtek couldn't imagine that an ASIC would work for the credit card reader.
"After reaffirming its intentions to continue being a major player in the ASIC market in November, 2002, this alliance with SLE adds further credence to the seriousness of TI's commitment," said Jerry Worchel, senior analyst for In-Stat/MDR.
The ASIC is the first one to be produced at WSI's in-house RF design facility, established in February to give the company full control over the specification, development and production cycle of its ASICs.
There is also no need to redesign, re-qualify or re-verify prior to production signoff, thus eliminating all the risks and significant costs of re-qualifying an ASIC conversion.
For low- and mid-volume applications that require as few as 500 units to as many as 100,000 units and demand an ASIC-type performance, a structured ASIC offers a desirable alternative.
Foundry's JetCore ASIC chipset features advanced switching and routing functionality including integrated support for IP and IPX, Policy-Based Routing (PBR), multicast, and the ability to configure dynamic VLANs based on port, protocol or IP-subnet.