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A gene on chromosome Xp22.3 that encodes arylsulfatase F, which is thought to play a role in ensuring the correct composition of bone and cartilage matrix.
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The main survey was conducted in December 2013, when 201 farmers were interviewed, 175 of which had experience with ASF infection and 26 did not.
After blending ASF with PEO (16.0%: 0.8%), the viscosity was increased to 168.4 mPa x s, which was approximate to the viscosity of 3.2% PEO solution.
Multiple linear regression was used to assess household and caregiver factors that predicted the quantity and diversity of ASF consumed by the children.
He further said the ASF has pledged further considerable financial support for the benefit of growers of Khairpur and intends to take the technology to other date-palm producing regions of Pakistan.
ASF's application server comes at a period when consolidation, instead of expansion, in the J2EE application server market is expected.
The provincial government had set up inspection and quarantine posts in the province's entry and exit points for meat products and live animals to prevent the entry of diseases, especially the ASF.
Scientific journal articles have revealed that animal feeds could be a vector for transmission of swine diseases, such as ASF once they are infected with its virus.
The move was in response to reports that ASF cases had been detected in Bulacan and Rizal Provinces of the Philippines.
Hermilando Mandanas, in a phone interview, said the ban was just a 'precautionary measure' and clarified there was no confirmed case of ASF in their province yet.