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Average ascus dimensions (width and length) (peduncle excluded) differed among the considered species: in particular, asci of T.
The ASCI committee referred to the TRAI website with respect to the coverage of Airtel vis- a- vis Reliance Jio and claimed that there is a significant gap between geographical dispersion of Airtel and Jio 4G subscribers which could impact the comparison.
He added that the impact of the euro zone crisis and the Arab Spring political unrest had helped direct capital flight from these markets into Turkey, which Asci said has increasingly been viewed as a safe haven.
Integrate ASCI Code into statutory provisions: Sub rule (9) of rule 7 having Advertising Code of the Cable Television Network Rules, 1994 prohibits TV channels from carrying any advertisement that is in violation of the ASCI Code.
Asci subglobose to clavate small walled, uniseriate, unitunicate, evanescent, 8 ascospores, with measure 32-56 x 7,4 [micro]m, young ascospore greyish yellow in colour at maturity, turning amber in colour, ellipsoidal with an equatorial germ slit, 35-40x 18-20 [micro]m, having one or two germ pore.
Lightning includes 2,816 AMD Opteron(TM) processors, making it the largest AMD Opteron processor-based system delivered in 2003 and the first 64-bit Linux supercomputer in the ASCI program.
We are excited about winning this significant contract, and eager to begin collaborating with Sandia in the ASCI program.
National Laboratory (LLNL), ASCI White is a product of the National Nuclear Security Administration's Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI).
General John Gordon, the Department of Energy's under secretary for nuclear security, said the supercomputer - known as Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative White, or ASCI White - was the key to the country assuring nuclear deterrence, though it has a vast number of other uses.
The national labs formed their program, known by the acronym ASCI, to develop the high-resolution, three-dimensional physics modeling needed to evaluate the aging stockpile and reasonably predict how time will affect different weapon components.
With the help of IBM, BU has become the first academic research center to implement IBM's ASCI White, the world's most powerful supercomputer.
Other category gains were in automotive, with an ASCI of 80, a 2.