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abbreviation for as soon as possible.


FDAspeak Administrative systems automation project.
Neurology Areawide Stroke Awareness Program
(1) AcetylSalicylic Acid Persantine study.
2) Antioxidant Supplementation in Atherosclerosis Prevention A trial studying the effect of vitamins E and C on progression of carotid atherosclerosis, especially in men and smokers.
Conclusion Intima-media thickening of the common carotid artery was greatest in placebo patients and least in patients receiving vitamins C and E.
(3) Atorvastatin vs Simvastatin on Atherosclerosis Progression A trial that asked whether high-dose atorvastatin slows the progression of atherosclerosis in patients with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia more than conventional dose simvastatin.
Conclusion The reduction in intima-media thickness, and LDL-cholesterol was greater with atorvastatin (i.e., high-dose atorvastatin was better).
(4) Azimilide Supraventricular Arrhythmia Program A combined analysis of 3 clinical trials studying the effects of azimilide/Stedicor® for managing patients with atrial fibrillation or flutter, who were in sinus rhythm at randomisation.
Conclusion Patients displayed a stunning example of a dose-response curve.  The 125 mg dose of azimilide increased the time to arrhythmia recurrence by >7-fold from 17 days (placebo) to 130 days (azilimide, p=0.002).


As soon as possible A generic term for a level of urgency less urgent than 'stat' Cardiology A clinical trial–Azimilide Supraventricular Arrhythmia Program–on the efficacy of daily azimilide/Stedicor® for managing A Fib and other supraventricular arrhythmias. See ALIVE.

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Q. can pregnant women fly in airplanes? Please reply me asap. Thank You. My wife is having the symptoms of pregnancy. We have planned to go on a tour to London. I have a doubt; can pregnant women fly in airplanes? Please reply me asap. Thank You.

A. If you have a normal, healthy pregnancy, it can be perfectly safe to fly during most of it. Discuss your trip plans with your doctor or midwife, however, before booking your flight. In certain high-risk cases, your healthcare provider may advise you to stay close to home throughout your pregnancy.

You may find that your second trimester — weeks 14 to 27 — is a perfect time to fly. Once you're past the first trimester, in all likelihood your morning sickness will be behind you, your energy levels will be higher, and your chances of miscarriage will be low. However, you shouldn't travel after 36 weeks.

in early pregnancy, you'd better consult with your ob-gyn doctor first.

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Starting around the middle of 2013, participating merchants will be enabled to accept Discover and Diners Cards through their relationship with ASAP TP.
The FAA equivalent of our ASAP program directs a committee at each airline to review all ASAP reports and determine action.
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Industry applications for ASAP include automotive, architectural and specialty illumination design, simulation of laser systems and other coherent devices, stray light analysis of telescopes and space-based imaging systems, display modeling, complete biomedical system modeling, micro-optical device modeling, and others.
ASAP is a not-for-profit membership association which seeks to improve the quality of life in the State of New York by advocating for and promoting the highest quality treatment, prevention, research and training in chemical dependency services.