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Even in the ASAM report, the association noted that in several categories there is little information available to set good benchmarks.
Both The ASAM Criteria and the DSM-5 indicate that "criteria and text are primarily designed to assist clinicians in conducting clinical assessment, case formulation, and treatment planning.
Asam, which is seeking to shed its Serravalle holding to fill up its cash reserves, said it would wait to hear the decision of its partners.
Each expansion of the definition of addiction by ASAM has been met with controversy.
Mr Asam somehow managed to grab Richardson's tool and chase him out his shop.
Late on Sunday, Asam and his accomplices attacked and one other man in front of the mosque.
However, these outward behaviours are actually manifestations of an underlying disease that involves various areas of the brain, according to the new definition by ASAM, the nation's largest professional society of physicians dedicated to treating and preventing addiction.
PT Bukit Asam Chief Executive Sukrisno said, 'We expect revenue to increase by 51 percent to IDR12 trillion (in 2011) because of higher average selling prices and sales volume.
Among the projects included civil construction of power plants of PLTU Labuhan Angin 3x142 MW, PLTU Labuan 2x300 MW, PLTU Pelabuhan Ratu, PLTG Muara Karang 2x240 MW and 3x100 MW, PLTGU Tanjung Priok, PLTU Pacitan, PLTU Indramayu 3 X 330 MW, PLTU Celukan Bawang Bali 3 x 142 MW; and EPC projects of PLTU Amurang 2x25 MW, IPP PLTD Bali 50 MW, IPP PLTP 50 MW, PLTU Asam- Asam 2x65 MW in South Kalimantan.
Charges had been brought against the people suspected of committing fraud, Asam said, adding only that the NEC had forwarded the case to the judiciary.
The psychiatrists argued that substance dependence was a mental illness which they could treat more effectively than ASAM physicians, especially doctors in recovery whose philosophy of care derived from their personal experience in Alcoholics Anonymous.
Some of the company's notable recent achievements in the power industry include supplying high-purity water systems to the Sadaf plant in Saudi Arabia, Umm Al Nar and Jebel Ali plants in the UAE, Tengiz in Kazakhstan, Asam Asam in Indonesia and South Bangkok Power plant in Thailand.