Markovits, A.S.

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Markovits syndrome - ocular pain.
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If, as Markovits and Rensmann persuasively argue, female athletes have in many ways achieved legitimate status alongside male players in the realm of soccer, can the same be said of the representation of women's perspectives in writing about sports?
First, the integrity challenge, as Markovits describes it, only arises for lawyers engaged in adversarial advocacy.
However, as Markovits indicates, the capacity to provide voice and a meaningful connection with the law may well be a necessary condition for the legitimacy of our legal system, as Charles Fried, (67) Stephen Pepper, (68) and David Luban, (69) in different ways, have argued.
I do not think that lawyers lie and cheat or, therefore, that there is an integrity problem that runs as deep as Markovits suggests or that there is a serious concern as to whether lawyers can lead a life worthy of commitment.
It is possible, as Markovits says, to be an anti-Zionist without being an antisemite.