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This loan was originated pursuant to Freddie's Floating-Rate Capped ARM Program and has a very favorable prepayment feature which permits up to 100% prepayment subject to a minimal fee.
The Institute remains grateful for Jeanne's lifelong dedication to IREM and her legacy work with the ARM program.
According to Metech, its ARM program, "assures customers complete product stewardship through step-by-step tracking and accountability for all material handling.
The idea is to measure everything in the column overhead and put it in the models, according to Tom Ackerman, chief scientist for the ARM program at the Pacific Northwest lab.
Milford, New Hampshire, plans to build a greenfield finishing and assembly operation in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, to support a new automotive rocker arm program.
Thanks in part to the support the ARM program has received from RIMS since its development in 1965, it is growing not only in numbers more than 17,000 people now have earned the designation but also in influence and reputation within the international risk management community.
Three of the loans are part of the Freddie Mac CME program and one is part of the Freddie Mac Capped ARM program.
8% capped financing on a 7-year term Freddie Mac Capped ARM Program via CBRE's in-house Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer division.
The Insurance Institute of America's (IIA) interest in a joint venture with AMRAE and the CNPP to offer a European version in French of its well-established ARM program is part of its expanding international focus, going beyond its traditional alliances and services with English-speaking countries.
Using observations of water vapor, temperature, and solar and infrared radiation from instruments at the ARM Program field measurement sites, AER scientists conducted experiments to refine their radiation model.
Capmark also announced $23,425,000 in floating-rate debt through its Freddie Mac Capped ARM program for the refinance of Autumn Chase Apartments, a multifamily property in Ellington, Conn.
We are excited about our partnership with Secured Independence, which will enable us to bring these advances to seniors through the ARM Program.