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Another feature of the APX I like very much is striations molded into the frame above the triggerguard, where the trigger finger can feel a proper point of register when it is drawn but it's not yet time to fire.
APX provides market infrastructure and services for the environmental and sustainable energy markets.
APX is also the exclusive solution provider for the VCS Association's centralized project database that will present information on all VCS projects and issued VCUs, list relevant project-related documents, and track the status of issued VCUs.
NVIDIA has worked closely with Microsoft on the development of APX 2500, marking a significant milestone in a long-term relationship that has seen the companies share a passion for making interaction with technology more visual and instinctive across multiple platforms.
As a result of the closing, APX would assume responsibility for the operations of UKPX from 1 July 2004.
Our alliance with APX empowers people to make a difference in the quality of the air we all breathe.
APX operates several energy exchange markets in the U.
The compact APX O7 Mobile Control Head is a flush-mount design with integrated keypad, siren, lights, public address (PA) and gun-lock controls.
The tough and reliable APX two-way radio continues to be the first choice of many public safety departments and their first responders around the world.
APX provides registry technology and services for both programs.