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Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale. A trial comparing 1-year mortality in acute MI patients randomised to APSAC (anisoylated plasminogen streptokinase activator complex) or placebo.

At 30 days, 6% of APSAC patients had died vs 12% of placebo patients; at 1 year, the mortality rates were 11% and 18%, resepctively, and major AMI complications were less common in APSAC patients; ethical considerations terminated the trial early because of the 47% decrease in the 30-day mortality in APSAC patients. APSAC reduced acute MI mortality by 54% over the placebo controls in those aged 60–70, and by 34% in those < age 60, if given within 6 hours.

Number of patients
1004 patients; 254 were added later.
Selection criteria
Symptoms of acute MI, ≤ age 70, ≥ 30 min pain, ≥ 1 mm ST elevation in ≥ 2 limb leads or ≥ 2 mm in ≥ 2 precordial leads.
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Alberta Infant Motor Scale



An individually administered, norm-referenced instrument that evaluates the motor development of infants between birth and 18 months. It provides a model for examining the sequence of an infant's motor maturation.
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