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The Cortus processor family comprises the entry level APS1, the energy efficient APS3R, the high performance APS5 and the floating point FPS6.
Finally, a strong association between AA and autoimmune polyglandu-lar syndrome type 1 (APS1), also known as PGA type I caused by mutations in the AIRE gene on chromosome 21, has also been re-ported in 37% of patients with APS1 (39).
APS1 team agreed that the IFS solution would allow its manufacturing business to standardize and streamline its existing business processes, which were managed outside of an existing ERP system.
The present work was carried out on "Swarnandhra" silkworm variety of Bombyx mori (L) belongs to the hybrid of APM1 X APS1 (Multivoltine x bivoltine) obtained from National Silkworm Seed Production Centre, NSSP, Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Govt.
APS1 MILLION redevelopment plan, which includes Wales' first live micro distillery, is set to create 40 jobs.
Helping Pakistan is one of the British government's top priorities, attracting more than APS1 billion in aid over four years.
APS1 million investment drive is set to yield more than 20 jobs at a Midland electronics firm.
APS1 BILLION bid to create tens of thousands of Midland jobs from HS2 could be derailed as Labour's political U-turn stands to threaten the scheme.