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But APS is more than training, and will conduct large community relations projects in each of the countries visited.
APS is responding to these current and anticipated needs of our client base, including increased medication safety, central fill, pharmacy security, HIPAA compliance, prescription tagging, bar code technology, signature capture, innovative pharmacy configurations (for example, off-site prescription fulfillment and "light's out" prescription processing), inventory management and data collection.
It became clear at the PMA show that despite the slow start, consumer acceptance of APS is finally taking hold.
But the benefit of using APS is not in saving a few hours of computer time.
APS is licensing the technology to processors as well as leasing the equipment.
Under the terms of the settlement, APS is prohibited from filing its next GRC before June 1, 2019, and new rates were effective Aug.19, 2017.
APS is the first utility in the nation to deploy and control this advanced technology remotely meaning that the utility can operate the solar installations as they would a power plant, ramping up or curtailing power based on customers' real-time energy needs.
Of course the cornerstone of APS is the professional development opportunities offered to all of the attendees.
"When customers get their photos back and see the index print and some of the other features, they begin to realize that APS is something that is a step up from what they are accustomed to," adds the retailer.
We deal with many independents and if their top people don't think APS is important that could be a problem.