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Let's thank the APS committee members, sponsors, exhibitors and all the attendees for another successful Ag Publications Summit, and let's work together for another productive year in livestock publishing.
Members of the APS study group acknowledgethat these advances are indeed important but say they were done in different laboratories and need to be integrated with one another.
We are very pleased to win the 'Outstanding Provider Engagement' award," said David Hunsaker, president, APS Public Programs.
APS formally gets underway on Sunday, July 25, when registration opens at 9 a.
The APS program offers a wide variety of opportunities, whether it's hearing the views of Ambassador George McGovern, or being inspired by Carl Heibert, one of Canada's eminent agricultural photographers who broke his back in a hang gliding accident, or learning something new in one of the seminars presented during the conference.
John Deere has participated as an APS sponsor for all three years of the event.
Cerner selected APS to provide services designed to support the specific health needs of the company's associates and their family members.
As part of its new corporate identity, APS launched a new version of its corporate Web site (www.
Organizations with Micro Focus APS applications gain significant value through the ability of Relativity Technologies' Modernization Workbench to richly document, analyze, and modernize their APS code.
APS Healthcare, one of the country's leading specialty healthcare companies, and the Wyoming Department of Health's EqualityCare (Medicaid) program announced today that APS' Healthy Together total population health management program helped the state avoid more than $12.
APS Healthcare, one of the country's leading specialty healthcare companies, today announced David Rogers has been appointed to serve as vice president of development for APS Public Programs, the company's government services business unit.
Cindy brings extensive public programs expertise that will help expand APS' position as the leading specialty healthcare company in the public sector," said David Hunsaker, president, APS Public Programs.