Anti Platelet Useful Dose Trial. A dose-finding phase II trial assessing the safety and pharmacokinetics of 4 doses of lotrafiban vs placebo + aspirin for 2º prevention in patients with cerebrovascular or cardiovascular disease
Conclusion The high-dose arm was ended early due to cases of excessive bleeding; the phase III study (BRAVO) was terminated in December 2000 due to lack of efficacy and safety concerns
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Although he continued to publish almanacs over the course of his nearly thirty years as a university professor, Siguenza became increasingly belligerent toward the epistemological basis and practice of astrology, going so far as to label it "bagatelle" [bagatela] in his 1691 almanac, an epithet that prompted the following reprimand from a censor: "He calls Astrology 'bagatelle' while, as a Chair of Astrology in the Royal University of this city and as someone who owes to it whatever he possesses, he should not only profess but also esteem and aplaud it" [tiene por bagatela la Astrologia en un hombre que no solo debe profesarla sino estimarla y aplaudirla por hallarse catedratico de ella en la Real Universidad de esta ciudad y que a ella le debe lo poco o mucho que tiene] (Quintana 194).
The big Welshman didn't look too pleased but would have felt a bit better when the stadium rose to aplaud his exit.
WELL WORTH A SHOUT Ainsworth hails his goal, main pic, and aplauds fans dE A l OR KILMARNOCK manager contract pair Manuel he wants answers on their Captain Pascali and been offered reduced terms but both have indicated outfit this summer.
At the beginning of the Reagan administration, some in the industry aplauded the fact that mergers would be easier to accomplish.