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abbreviation for the activated form of protein C.
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Acronym for acetylsalicylic acid, phenacetin, and caffeine; in combination, formerly a widely used antipyretic and analgesic; antigen-presenting cell.
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Abbreviation for:
activated protein C (see there)
adenomatous polyposis coli (see there)
aerobic plate count  (microbiology)
air pollution control
ammonium perchlorate
amyloid pack core 
antigen-presenting cell (see there)
antiphlogistic-corticoid (obsolete)
aperature current
apneustic centre  (neuroanatomy)
arterial premature contraction
aspirin, phenacetin, caffeine
Association of Pathology Chairmen
Association of Professors of Cardiology
atrial premature contraction (see there)
Adenoma Prevention with Celecoxib (clinical trials)
ambulatory payment classification (see there) (Managed care)
APC gene (molecular medicine)
APC protein (molecular medicine)

A gene on chromosome 5q21-q22 that encodes a tumour-suppressor protein which acts as an antagonist of the Wnt signalling pathway. APC is also involved in cell migration and adhesion, transcriptional activation, and apoptosis.

Molecular Pathology
APC mutations cause familial adenomatous polyposis.
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1. Activated protein C, see there.
3. Antigen-presenting cell, see there.
4. Atrial premature contraction, see there.
5. Clinical trials Adenoma Prevention with Celecoxib.
6. Managed care Ambulatory payment classification, see there.
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Abbreviation for antigen-presenting cells; Ambulatory Payment Classification.
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Patient discussion about APC

Q. what is APC in cardiology?

A. APC, or atrial premature complex (or beat) is a beat that arise in the atria of the heart from outside the normal mechanism of heartbeats. It's very common and doesn't portend any bad prognosis. It increase with age, smoking, coffee intake, alcohol intake, and stress, and also with heart and lung disease.

If they don't cause symptoms, no treatment is necessary. If they do cause symptoms, it can be treated with beta-blockers (e.g atenolol)

You can read more here: http://en.ecgpedia.org/wiki/Atrial_Premature_Complexes

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The council clearly defines, as a condition on an APC, the areas within which nurses with particular registrations can practise.
iPSC-MSCs and EVs derived from them are promising to prevent the progression of SS before the onset of sialadenitis with efficacies comparable to those of BM-MSCs, and the underlying mechanisms are related to inhibitions on the differentiation of Tfh and Th17 cells and the activation of APCs.
The patient experienced no cardiac symptoms or ECG evidence of APCs during the follow-up of three months.
COMECs sheets were mechanically detached from APCS and HAM scaffold using a sterile cell scraper and tissue forceps.
Aortic and subclavian artery angiograms were performed for PDA and APCs. In patients with prior aorto-pulmonary shunts, shunt angiogram and pressure measurements were undertaken.
The US embassy said "the transfer of the APCs is a result of a formal request made by the AFP to assist in their defense modernization efforts."
Finally, Russian/Soviet Union-designed APCs have been deployed to assist the mission in the form of the Arzamas Machinery Plant BTR-80 APCs which have been in extensive use with the Bangladesh Army.
Researchers at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia reviewed survey responses from 480 attending physicians and 256 APCs, finding that 95 percent believed that working while sick put patients at risk but 83 percent nonetheless had worked at least once in the previous year while sick.
The thrust of Barry and Rugg's strategy is to use legislation and lobbying to have states and state licensing boards expand APCs' "scope of practice." The "scope of practice" defines what sort of care a medical professional of a certain level of education or training--in this case, a nurse practitioner, a certified nurse-midwife, or a physician's assistant--may legally render.
Ministry of Defense Production has asked National Assembly's Standing Committee on Defense Production to ask Sindh government to purchase Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) from Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT).
The National Assembly's standing committee for defence affairs met in Islamabad to inquire from the inspector general of Sindh police as to why the deal was struck to buy APCs for 170 million rupees (Dh6.1 million), which could have been bought for a mere 50 million rupees.