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Improved AODV Routing Protocol Based on Restricted Broadcasting by Communication Zones in Large-Scale VANET," Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 40(3): 857-872, 2015.
In addition, it is safe to say that the on-demand routing protocols such as the AODV routing protocol has low performance in case of high-speed.
Waoo et al [15] focused on different power saving mechanism for MANET using AODV routing algorithm.
As it was commented, the AODV example exists for OMNeT++ as an example called csma802154 (it is included in the wpan examples folder from INETMANET).
This method can detect black holes in AODV with low overhead, but false positives are a major drawback.
AODV is an improvement of Destination-Sequenced Distance-Vector (DSDV) routing protocol which is collectively based on DSDV and DSR.
The Design Scheme of the Improved AODV Routing Protocol--G-AODV
Routing information dissemination in AODV and DYMO is illustrated in Fig.
As per the end-to-end delay, AODV, DYMO and LAR have higher jitter value and rest are having lower.
In this paper we describe three major optimization schemes for the well-known AODV routing protocol in order to get some of the proactive protocols features in it.
In DSR and AODV protocol reply is sent back to the query source along the reverse path that the query travelled.
Bin et al [9] described an integrated approach for peer-to-peer network file sharing using FastTrack over an ad hoc routing protocol like AODV.