electronic data interchange

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The use of structured electronic messages or email to transfer lab results, prescriptions, etc., from one computer system or setting to another.
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electronic data interchange

Informatics A standard transmission format for 'secure' bidirectional flow of information between health care providers and reimbursement agencies/entities and other health care providers. See Telemedicine.
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e·lec·tron·ic da·ta in·ter·change

(EDI) (ĕ-lek-tron'ik dā'tă in'tĕr-chānj)
In health care information services, provision of patients' data in a format useable to both sender and receiver.
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A group chartered jointly by CommerceNet, ANSI X12, and the Graphics Communication Association is defining how traditional X12 EDI business data elements should be represented using XML (www.xmledi.com).
Another possibility is for taxing authorities to recognize purchase orders as an "in lieu" invoice, consider ANSI X12 transaction set 856 generated by the supplier as an "in lieu" invoice, or some combination of the purchase order and transaction set 856 as an "in lieu" invoice.
format to standard ANSI X12. The Faxon Company is the only licensed reseller of EDI/EDGE in the library/publishing community.
"We needed an EDI solution that was competitively priced and complied with ANSI X12 standards and subset HIBCC (Health Industry Business Communications Council) standards," explains Rob MacLeod, chairman of CareNET.
By integrating with B2BGateway's cloud based EDI solution the NetSuite user can be compliant in all internationally recognized EDI standards and communication protocols such as EDIFACT, ANSI X12, Tradacoms, oioUBL, PEPPOL, VAN, AS2, etc.
They also wanted the ability to process transactions in ANSI X12 standard format in addition to the myriad proprietary formats that currently exist in the healthcare industry.
The ability to support connectivity through both ANSI X12 standards and the Internet is paramount, and vendors should have identified key players.
From this file the bank creates electronic invoices in the ANSI X12 810 format.
Western Union EDI supports ANSI X12, TDCC, WINS, UCS and will add EDIFACT for international delivery this year.
By integrating with B2BGateway's cloud based EDI solution the Xero user can be compliant in all internationally recognized EDI standards and communication protocols such as ANSI X12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, oioUBL, PEPPOL, VAN, AS2, etc.
During the past several years, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) has been involved in defining a number of ANSI X12 transaction sets (EDI) for standardizing electronic communications among the various participants in the mortgage process.
A NARROW-FOCUS TRADE GROUP: Such a group would be very similar to either the ANSI X12 Insurance Subcommittee, the ad hoc membership organization that is working on healthcare industry transaction standards, or AFEHCT (Association for Electronic Health Care Transactions), the electronic claims clearinghouse trade group.