electronic data interchange

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

a method by which two or more autonomous computer systems exchange computer-readable transaction data. It is possible even when the computers use different operating systems. It is the key factor in achieving automated medical records that can be shared electronically among providers.


The use of structured electronic messages or email to transfer lab results, prescriptions, etc., from one computer system or setting to another.

electronic data interchange

Informatics A standard transmission format for 'secure' bidirectional flow of information between health care providers and reimbursement agencies/entities and other health care providers. See Telemedicine.

e·lec·tron·ic da·ta in·ter·change

(EDI) (ĕ-lek-tron'ik dā'tă in'tĕr-chānj)
In health care information services, provision of patients' data in a format useable to both sender and receiver.
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Another possibility is for taxing authorities to recognize purchase orders as an "in lieu" invoice, consider ANSI X12 transaction set 856 generated by the supplier as an "in lieu" invoice, or some combination of the purchase order and transaction set 856 as an "in lieu" invoice.
As an international company with offices throughout North America, Europe and now Australia, B2BGateway can support all recognized international EDI standards and communication protocols that may be required: ANSI X12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, Eancom, Odette, XML, VAN, FTPs, AS2, etc.
Solutions include: ANSI X12 4010/5010 EDI integration and automation, clinical data exchange, CPOE, electronic prescriptions, claims and registry based PQRI compliance, medical transcription, automated appointment reminders / collection calling, print and electronic patient statements and more.
They also wanted the ability to process transactions in ANSI X12 standard format in addition to the myriad proprietary formats that currently exist in the healthcare industry.
During the past several years, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) has been involved in defining a number of ANSI X12 transaction sets (EDI) for standardizing electronic communications among the various participants in the mortgage process.
We needed an EDI solution that was competitively priced and complied with ANSI X12 standards and subset HIBCC (Health Industry Business Communications Council) standards," explains Rob MacLeod, chairman of CareNET.
Recently, however, software vendors who vigorously oppose ANSI X12 have published many articles.
One of the major obstacles to communication and B2Bank interoperability has been the multitude of overlapping standards including TWIST, RosettaNet, EDIFACT, ANSI X12 and several others.
Our association has not had a great deal of experience with ANSI X12, and we have been greatly benefitted by the experience and expertise that the insurance industry representatives have provided in this effort.
0 version was the need to incorporate the recent ANSI X12 6020 dictionary into the product, but Softshare took the opportunity to give EDI Notepad 6.
the technology leader in electronic bill acceptance, payment automation and payer/payee portal services for property and casualty industry payers, have implemented with current payers the workers' compensation industry's first end-to-end ANSI X12 electronic processing of pharmacy bills.
EZ-Direct Deposit software reformats the data into NACHA and ANSI X12 formats and relays completed files to the Online Messenger Secure File Transfer mechanism for automatic delivery to the bank for processing.