Amplatz, Kurt

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Kurt, 20th century U.S. cardiologist.
Amplatz angiography needle
Amplatz aortography catheter
Amplatz cardiac catheter
Amplatz coronary catheter
Amplatz II curve
AMPLATZER septal occluder
Amplatz fascial dilator
Amplatz femoral catheter
Amplatz guide
Amplatz injector
Amplatz Super Stiff guide wire
Amplatz torque wire
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Objectives: To determine in paediatric patients with atrial septal defects whether differences in P wave dispersion occurred with transcatheter closures using the Amplatzer septal occluder.
Intracardiac or transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) is essential for percutaneous closure of ASD using Amplatzer septal occluder. Dexmedetomidine (DEX) which is a highly selective a -agonist has sedative and analgesic properties without respiratory depression in the clinical dose range.
Doctors closed the hole by using the Amplatzer Septal Occluder, a relatively new non-surgical technique.
Amplatzer septal occluder (ASO) is one of the most popular devices for transcatheter closure of atrial secundum defect (Thanopoulos et al., 1998).
The AMPLATZER Septal Occluder is currently marketed in over 90 countries worldwide.
The high-tech titanium device, called an Amplatzer Septal Occluder, looks like a yo-yo and can stretch, swell, and position itself to plug a hole in the heart.
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