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There are a number of Vienna-based literary magazines, including Der Hammer (Alte Schmiede's magazine), Wespennest, Zeitzoo, Literarisches Osterreich, Podium, Flugschrift, and Idiome.
Nasopharyngeal Aspiration (NPA), CXR and upper gastrointestinal (GI) study were more relevant in terms of ALTE diagnosis (p=0.01, p=0.04 and p<0.00) (Figure; Table-2).
In this new clinical practice guideline, the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that the term "apparent life-threatening events" (ALTEs) be replaced with a new term, "brief resolved unexplained events" (BRUEs).
Tell parents that if their infant experiences an ALTE, they should seek medical attention without delay.
Din numarul total de internari nonvoluntare, ne-au interesat, in mod special, cei 99 de pacienti internati nonvoluntar, cu diagnosticul "schizofrenie sau alte tulburari psihotice".
Mitingurile, demonstratiile, procesiunile sau orice alte intruniri sunt libere, caci tot nu servesc la nimic.
Just because these doctors couldn't find any other common factor besides the Gali-col to explain the ALTE doesn't mean the Gali-col caused them.
ALTE is not so much a specific diagnosis as a description of an event.
Assessment of the infant experiencing an ALTE incorporates observation of the signs of an ALTE as well as possible contributing events (see Table 2).
Other diagnoses in children with a recurrent ALTE included pertussis in one child, seizures in three, and cardiovascular abnormalities in two.
MECC ALTE (UK) Limited, the UK division of the family-owned Italian power generation manufacturing giant, Mecc Alte Spa, has announced that they have received a significant order for a selection of their power generation alternators, from a leading generator manufacturer, Allam Marine Limited.
Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Alte Rabenstrasse 2, 20148 Hamburg, Germany;