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 (Pa) [pas-kal´, pas´kal]
the SI unit of pressure, which corresponds to a force of one newton per square meter.
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Blaise, French scientist, 1623-1662. See: pascal, Pascal law.

pas·cal (Pa),

A derived unit of pressure or stress in the SI system, expressed in newtons per square meter; equal to 10-5 bar or 7.50062 × 10-3 torr.
[Blaise Pascal]
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A derived unit of pressure or stress in the SI, expressed in newtons per square meter; equal to 10-5 bar or 7.50062 × 10-3 torr.
[Blaise Pascal]
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Blaise, French scientist, 1623-1662.
pascal - a derived unit of pressure or stress in the SI system.
Pascal law - fluids at rest transmit pressure equally in every direction.
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