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ALDP is framed by seven learning elements, each designed to demonstrate and offer practice in different modes of leadership (See Figure 1).
Also, daily large-group presentations provided practice for a capstone project lecture and a personal summation of the ALDP experience.
This critical component of the ALDP continues to receive the highest praise from both mentors and mentees.
The following provides a sample of meaningful projects completed by ALDP participants:
* Sergeant Roles and Responsibilities--How to prepare emerging leaders for cohesive integration with the Employee Development model created for ALDP.
An analysis of job responsibilities by members of the ALDP Planning Committee highlighted the importance of making decisions in small groups.
The Planning Committee selected a variety of topics to be addressed at ALDP workshops.
Mentors and ALDP participants typically have 8 hours of contact each month, some in one-on-one meetings.
(3.) Sergeant roles and responsibilities: How to prepare the next layer of the organization for integration into the employee development model that was created for ALDP.
This keeps the focus on solving real problems so the organization sees the benefit of supporting ALDP. The involvement of top managers ensured that the program participants have easy access to mentors, without which ALDP would have just been a succession of workshops.