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For Anse, "town" means two (linked) things: a pair of false teeth (AILD 12; 25; 35; 71); and a "duck-shaped" wife (177), replacement for Addie.
But it is the dead fish, 'all cut up into not-fish now' AILD, 49 (9) that mainly substitutes for Vardaman's dead mother, and through which he attempts to grasp the meaning of her death, and of his own identity.
Lambesis noted that the issues presented on "An Ocean Between Us" are bigger than the tenets of any one faith, so he banked on the record once again extending AILD's reach beyond the faithful.
The aim of the present study was to reveal the differences in the serum cytokine levels between patients with AIH and overlap syndrome, and between the combined group of patients with AILD and healthy controls, and to explore the associations between the cytokine levels and the clinical features of the disease in patients with AILD.
(3) The author manually counted Bundren family references to themselves and to each other and presented these and other results in "Visualizing Referentiality in AILD" at PALA '15 in Canterbury, England.
By contrast, Anse callously and unsuccessfully gambles his "bone-gaunted mules" in the deluge (AILD 114, 148-49).
For example, Faulkner's narratives (including SF, AILD, S, H, LA, WP, and AA) enclose a maternal subtext beneath the patriarchal structure at the surface of his fiction, and it is this tension within his texts that challenges paternal order in his fictional world, whether or not a "mother" is literally present in the story.
The fish that Vardaman catches hides in the dust as if it were "ashamed of being dead" (AILD 31).
The primary agent of this ritual is Cash, who both mitigates bodily decay though careful construction of Addie's coffin and seeks preservation of the voice through pursuit of Suratt's "talking machine" (AILD 190).
As a young woman, she would run away from her job as a school teacher and escape to a place where she tells the reader that she especially enjoyed the smell of damp and rotting leaves (AILD 169).
William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying (AILD) enters into the realm of psychological instability and madness as one of the main characters, Darl Bundren, begins the novel as the most prolific narrator but ends on a train to an insane asylum after he attempts to burn a neighbor's barn which contains his dead mother's coffined body.