AIDS test

AIDS test

A generic term for any test performed on a standard venipuncture blood specimen which detects HIV antibodies (ELISA), antigens (e.g., Western blot), or viral nucleic acid (e.g., viral load by RNA).

AIDS test

Lab medicine Any test performed on a standard venipuncture blood specimen which detects HIV antibodies–ELISA, or antigens–eg, Western blot, or viral nucleic acid–eg, viral load by RNA. See Western blot.

Patient discussion about AIDS test

Q. The HIV test came back POSITIVE! My very close friend 'Demonte'. One day in December as he was returning from a business trip, his wife met him at the airport with terrible news. During a routine pregnancy check up, her doctor had administered an HIV test along with other blood-work. The HIV test came back POSITIVE! The doctor wanted to begin administering drugs immediately but the cost of these drugs here when compared to their family income was prohibitive. I helped him with some of my savings. He already sold his favorite sentimental car to save his precious wife. Now i want to know is there any NATURAL medicine to cure this? Hope it costs less and available.

A. there are no effective natural remedy for HIV. the medications are very hard ones that try to control the virus from spreading (cannot eliminate it though). no herbal remedy or nutrition change will do that.

Q. what tests do i need to do to check that i don't have HIV? and how long does it take to get an answer? i had unprotected sex with this girl i met , and i am really afraid , things just happened really quickly and we had sex and i did not use condom , what should i do ?

A. If you think that you have HIV or you just want to be sure, you should go to your nearest clinic and get tested. They will know what tests you would need to take. Some clinics even do this kind of testing for free. Here is a website on different testings a nd prices: You should always use precaution when having intercourse. You can never be to safe. Hope this helps.

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He said tht it was proposed that AIDS test before marriage should be made compulsory and legislation be carried out for the purpose.
Under the new PC 1, SIT AIDS test centers would be set up at the hospitals of Peshawar LRH, Bannu, D.
It was the second of three first round KOs he registered in a run, although his career was then halted when he failed an AIDS test.
Many of the women in the study cited the convenience as a primary reason why they chose to take the AIDS test.
THE mum of a toddler who needed an Aids test after picking up a syringe in McDonald's has been offered an "insulting" pounds 750 in compensation.
Pc Alistair Smith of Mumbles Police Station, who investigated the death, said the minister suffered from kidney stones and underwent an Aids test in 1999.
The 34-year-old victim is awaiting the results of an AIDS test after being bitten and scratched during the alleged attack.
I have never been so wrong in my life," he concluded, urging everyone who had had close contact with him to take an AIDS test.
AIDS test sells better than its French counterpart.
Next, using the same economic theory, this paper finds that rules guaranteeing strict confidentiality of the AIDS test result are unjustified.
Would you rather have an AIDS test without letting your own doctor know you wanted one?

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