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Multicomponent AIDS Phobia Scale validation with Spanish adolescents
La "Escala multicomponente de fobia al sida" (Multicomponent AIDS Phobia Scale, MAPS; Harrell y Wright, 1998) es un instrumento que evalua las dimensiones cognitivas, afectivas y comportamentales de la fobia al sida.
The development and validation of the Multicomponent AIDS Phobia Scale.
Jager (dir.), AIDS phobia: disease pattern and possibilities of treatment (pp.
This qualitative study used narrative data to examine the religious education and spiritual formation of 10 African American gay men living with AIDS and to describe their experience of religiously sanctioned homophobia, heterosexism, and AIDS phobia of the black church in the context of its historical opposition to societal prejudice and oppression.
Because of homophobia, heterosexism, and AIDS phobia, African American gay men with AIDS are not typically offered such support from the church.
However, challenging a religious organization and its leaders regarding issues of homophobia, heterosexism, and AIDS phobia may be a complex endeavor, especially for African American social workers.
Religiously sanctioned homophobia, heterosexism, and AIDS phobia in some black churches warrant examination by social workers concerned with justice and the restoration of a person's dignity in an institution whose historic purpose includes combating oppression.
A sampling of topics includes family dynamics and AIDS phobia; couple psychotherapy and attachment theory; and narcissistic disorders in marriage.
In the Creative Script Writing category, the award winner is the mother of a kindergarten child who claimed that she and her son suffered from "AIDS phobia" and that the district owed them money damages as the result of the school's alleged negligence.
What surprised the Lutheran group and the nursing home president, and almost derailed the project, was their underestimation of the virulence of the neighborhood's AIDS phobia, accompanied and augmented by homophobia, addictophobia, classism, and racism.
"The courts don't want to reward AIDS phobia, but if somebody tells you you're going to die, that fear is real."
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