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Argonaute proteins typically have a molecular weight of~ 100 kDa and can be divided into two subfamilies: AGO subfamily (e.g., AGO1, AGO2, AGO3, and AGO4 in mammals) that binds to miRNAs and siRNAs and PIWI subfamily (HIWI/PIWIL1, HILI/PIWIL2, HIWI2/PIWIL4, and HIWI3/PIWIL3) that binds to piRNAs [4].
The need for such a collaborated effort was highlighted almost a decade ago3, but unfortunately there has been little progress since then.
Criteria for the diagnosis of extranodal lymphoma has been proposed by Dawson 50 years ago3.
However, a case study on Marks and Spencer failure conducted seven years ago3 might remain valid here in Shanghai.
Often, piRNA biogenesis is also associated with silencing of target genes and requires all three PIWI proteins--PIWI, AUB, and AGO3. While PIWI proteins are found predominantly in the nuclei of germ cells and the somatic cells [124], AUB and AGO3 are found in the cytoplasmic regions of the germ cells [115].
World Health Organization (WHO) reports that some 8% of the Swiss population suffers from asthma today, compared with just 2% some 25-30 years ago3. Although asthma is more common in affluent countries, it is by no means a problem restricted to developed world.
thaliana AGO1, AGO2, AGO3, and AGO7 were located on chromosome 1, AGO4, AGO5, and AGO6 were on chromosome 2, and AGO8, AGO9, and AGO10 were on chromosome 5.