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Managers, supervisors and technicians who have attended a course and been successfully assessed are awarded a certificate by the AEMT, which is valid for three years before a refresher course has to be completed.
The course can also act as a gateway for companies wanting to register on the AEMT Ex Register, a list of AEMT members that have met the stringent requirements to be considered to have the expertise and ability to repair Hazardous Area Ex Equipment (see: www.
I look forward to ensuring that all AEMT members continue to prosper.
I have plans to focus on: The AEMT brand, to ensure it continues to stand for quality, fairness and trustworthiness; promoting the AEMT nationally and internationally; working with other associations on standards and policy; looking into updating the AEMT/EASA repair efficiency study; improving on the depth of training; providing an improved apprentice scheme; and looking to actively attract youngsters to the industry.
Available training includes courses for 24 and 48 hour EMTs, AEMTs and paramedics as well as emergency life support certifications such as ACLS and BLS.
57) The trial court suppressed the results of the blood draw because the emergency room failed to comply with New York Vehicle and Traffic Law section 1194(4)(a)(1), which states that an AEMT can only perform a DWI blood draw at the direction of and under the supervision of a physician--not a physician's assistant.
70) In Nassau County, a blood draw performed by an AEMT in an emergency room was also suppressed by a reluctant county court.
No nomination sought--this award is determined and presented by the AEMT.
The AEMT Awards are supported by leading industry names, with Official Media support from Plant & Works Engineering and its sister publication Drives & Controls magazine.
Our experience with the AEMT is a very positive one and we are sure this event will cement our relationship and help the industry move forward to tackle the challenges of the future.
Matt Fletcher, Managing Director of Fletcher Moorland added: "We're supporting the AEMT Awards, because it's a great way to bring people together.
com, we provide the most valid and reliable online testing for EMR, EMT, AEMT, and Paramedics.