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abbreviation Latin, adversum; a medical instruction meaning “against”.

Usage of plain-English instruction is preferred from all perspectives, including informed consent and liability reduction.


Abbreviation for:
adefovir dipivoxil
adenovirus vector
advocate (Medspeak-UK)
Aleutian disease virus
average daily volume
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Advisors with less than $10 billion in RAUM attributable to SMAs will be required to report year-end percentages, whereas advisors with more than $10 billion in RAUM attributable to SMAs will be required to report midyear and year-end percentages in their Form ADV filings.
That's when former SEC Chairwoman Mary Jo White announced that the agency adopted final amendments requiring advisors to disclose more information on Forms ADV about their use of separately managed accounts, branch office operations and social media.
Since Plattan ADV is part of the Urbanears family, it also comes with handy features such as the ZoundPlug, collapsible structure, 3.
NYSE's US cash equities and US equity options ADV increased 32% and 10%, respectively, over the prior October.
ADV Group was founded in 2010 and has already delivered major automotive engineering and manufacturing projects.
As well as ADV growth, DME has also enjoyed an increased interest in membership in the last few months, said the exchange chief.
Fix added, "The increase in ADV is reflective of a number of new participants trading the market and the growing recognition that the DME offers fair and transparent pricing for the East of Suez market.
VCAS for DVB is an ideal foundation for ADV as they prepare for a multi-screen future," said Steve Oetegenn, chief sales and marketing officer, Verimatrix.
If you look at 0-1% of ADV, you will see that the low-touch implementation costs are very small -- below 5 bps.
Adenovirus (ADV) is often missed in clinical practice because the standard multiday wait to confirm ADV by cell culture can postpone diagnosis and treatment.
US anime movie distributor ADV Films and Japanese-based anime character development firm Broccoli International have both announced their intention to produce English translations of manga novels for the US market.
He therefore now departs slightly from the talmudic passage, taking what Derrida calls "a further step," one which, Levinas himself says, goes "beyond the noble lesson of the city of refuge, its indulgence, and its forgiveness" (WW 109, ADV 65).