A proprietary red cell storage medium which increases plasma yields, eliminating certain restrictions on packed red cell haematocrits, allowing addition of known volumes of diluting/preserving solution (ADSOL) to the units, thereby increasing component product flexibility.
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drug is Adsol, used for collection and storage of blood and blood
Ainda, existem as bolsas que contem solucoes aditivas, as quais possuem na bolsa primaria CPD ou CPD2 e na bolsa satelite salina-adenina-glicose-manitol (SAG-M), adenina, dextrose, salina e manitol ADSOL (AS-1), NUTRICEL (AS-3) ou OPTISOL (AS-5).
Em relacao aos CH, empregam-se os sistemas usuais para a preservacao de eritrocitos, incluindo as bolsas com CPDA-1 como anticoagulante e solucoes aditivas, como ADSOL ou SAGM, para preservacao dos eritrocitos entre 4 [+ or -] 2 [degrees]C.
CPD and CPD-A were used as protective solutions and Adsol, Nutricel, and Optisol as additive solutions.
Sitrat, fosfat ve dekstroz ile eritrosit saklama omru 21 gun, sitrat-fosfatdekstroz adeninle (CPDA)-1 35 gun ve yeni solusyonlarla (Adsol, Optisol ve Nutricell) 42 gune cikmistir.
Adsol, Optisol ve Nutricell eklenmesi ile saklama suresi artar ancak hemotokrit degeri %55-60'a duser ve transfuzyon hemoglobini 2 g/dl arttirir.
Using leuko-poor red blood cell blood collected in Adsol and containing approximately 320 ml of red blood cells and supernatant solution, the average cost of neonatal transfusion aliquots was determined using the Charter Medical syringe set and the Charter Medical eight bag aliquot/transfer system.
: The subject of the order is: 1) part 1 - successive delivery of sets of triple plastic containers "up-down" with adsol or sagm enriching solution - 90,000 pieces; 2) lot 2 - successive supply of quadruple plastic containers "up-mountain" with enriching solution adsol or sagm - 72 000 pieces; 3) part 3 - successive delivery of sets of empty plastic transfer containers for the preparation, Storage and transfusion of blood and its components in the following quantities and capacities: A) empty 150 ml transfer containers - 4 800 pieces, B) empty transfer containers 300 ml - 2 400 pieces, C) empty transfer containers 600 ml - 6,000 pieces, D) empty 1000 ml transfer containers - 9,000 pieces.
- Containers triple top-down ADsol / SAGM 450/2 x 400 to 600 in quantities of 160,000 units
450ml of blood and a container comprising a bottom 105 ml + / - 5 ml of fluid or ADsol SAGM max of 600 ml capacity,
A set of containers triple "top-down" with a solution of enriching ADsol or SAGM.
Task 1: Three containers set up and down ADSol / SAGM 450/2x400-450 ml - 120 000 units;