ADP ribosylation

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ADP ri·bo·syl·a·tion

covalent attachment of an ADP-ribosyl moiety to a macromolecule, for example, the action of diphtheria toxin.
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In addition, the E18 residue showed PTM sites for proteolytic cleavage, carboxylation and ADP-ribosylation.
4) Rendering native substances immunogenic in vivo is said to be the breakage of "immunological tolerance", the details of which have recently been extensively reviewed, where ADP-ribosylation of histone is also described as a frontier in this field.
After ADP-ribosylation by CT, the AC remains in its GTP-bound state resulting in enhanced AC activity and an increased intracellular cAMP concentration.
A quantitative analysis for the ADP-ribosylation activity of pertussis toxin: an enzymatic-HPLC coupled assay applicable to formulated whole cell and acellular pertussis vaccine products.
Polymerase chain reaction assay for diagnosis of potentially toxinogenic Corynebacterium diphtheriae strains: correlation with ADP-ribosylation activity assay.
Activation of PARP-1 stimulates poly ADP-ribosylation, which in turn leads to the formation of poly(ADP-ribose) (PAR) units that serve as protein modifying agents (Koh et al.
The ADP-ribosylation takes place on this diphthamide, resulting in inactivated eEF2 and blocked protein biosynthesis (10).

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