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Founded in 1998, ADI is a leading customer service oriented provider of dedicated high-speed Internet access through both wired and wireless solutions.
Foundries - Ductile iron foundries must produce high quality ductile iron to produce ADI castings.
ADI commands an estimated 40% market share in both product classes which remain the company's top R&D investment priorities.
Additionally, alloying ADI increases elongation initially.
Founded in 1990, ADI is a privately held company with corporate offices and R&D facilities in Charlottesville, Virginia and manufacturing facilities in the US and Asia.
Granted, ADI requires uniform foundry controls to assure consistent ductile iron quality, and heat treating requires proper equipment, care and knowledge, but these parameters have been defined and are achievable.
Through a generous academic credit exchange agreement, ADI graduates can transfer Educational Credit Units they earn toward any of Northwood University's applicable degree programs.
However, much needs to be done to attract the attention of design engineers and casting specifiers to the long-range benefits provided by ADI parts, he added.
ADI will also demonstrate innovative new products that improve cell phone cameras including lens drivers for cameras with autofocus and zoom capability, and white-LED flash drivers.
The most important revelation during the development of ADI was that steel metallurgy, in many cases, not only delayed the development of ADI for many years, but caused a seemingly unresolvable confusion among foundrymen.
ADI also provides a full suite of GSM/GPRS/EDGE cell phone chipsets and a line of low-power video encoders and HDMI[TM] (High-Definition Multimedia Interface[TM]) interface components to enable video output to external monitors.
ADI is one of the most successful training schools in the nation.