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An FDA-approved resorbable, carbohydrate liquid polymer which is used to coat serosal surfaces of the peritoneum and inhibit the formation of postsurgical adhesions, fibrosis and scars that lead to pain, functional impairment (e.g., peristalsis), and poor surgical outcomes.
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During the period of attachment, "the commander of the unit that receives the attachment is responsible for the sustainment and logistics support that is beyond the capability of the attached unit." (150) Attachment orders must specify whether or not UCMJ authority is part of the attachment (see discussion above related to ADCON).
A deployed brigade staff must establish a clear understanding of the proper channels and relevant battalion action officers involved in processing FLIPLs and other ADCON actions.
We couldn't do anything with respect to formal ADCON, but could address additional duties, especially if leadership of the staff agencies was under discussion.
ADCON to over 1,800 Airmen in six squadrons that support a variety of
This new framework for integration includes the following successful threads of commonality: a robust CONOPS, an ethical and legal chain of command, proper human resourcing (the right people and the right leaders), clear ADCON, a clear operational direction chain, HRO supervisory training, JAG approval, volunteerism, recruiting, and the mobilization hammer.
Second, an OPCON relationship would effectively cut off the relinquished capability from its main purpose and source of mission--to represent the Army's ADCON responsibility (such as its provision of materiel) in theater.
The FAP memorandum of agreement goes on to lay out the basics of ADCON, financial management, and status of resources and training reporting.
The combination of worldwide ADCON of INSCOM forces, oversight and "service OPCON" of Army intelligence authorities, and ability to conduct direct liaison and coordinate across the Army, DoD, and intelligence community enables INSCOM to command and synchronize Army intelligence forces.
In addition to the ADCON relationship, AMC is also one of SDDC's largest customers-especially for the transport of retrograde cargo.
As the commander in Afghanistan, I retained administrative control (ADCON) and operational control (OPCON) of all JET and IA Airmen assigned to US Air Forces Central Command (USAFCENT) in the Combined Joint Operating Area-Afghanistan.
A weather monitor created by Adcon delivers information to the Rodgers' home in Woodside.
Some of the major players in this market are Acer, Advanced Battery Systems, Inc., Adcon Electronics, Inc., Alcad, Ltd., Alcatel-Lucent, Battery Clinic, Inc., Casio, Dell, Sharp Electronics Corp., Sony Corp., Siemens Medical Systems, Seiko Holdings, and Nikon.