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Australasian Collaborative Research on Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Study. A population-based survey based on the acute version of the English (Australia/New Zealand) short-form questionnaire, which identified all the cases of aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage that occurred in 4 Australasian centres—Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and Auckland—at staggered intervals during 1995–1998, assessing health-related quality of life; of 432 patients registered in ACROSS, 242 were alive at followup, 189 were interviewed; survivors reported decreased vitality and ability to participate in social roles because of physical problems, despite physical functioning comparable to the general population
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Under the terms of the agreement, content driven MIVA Pay-Per-Click Ads will be displayed across selected channels of the site.
Fiber-distributed storage: The clustered storage architecture leverages modular components, deployed independently across fiber-distributed networks.
An eastern extension of Magic Mountain Parkway is envisioned, taking that road across land tarnished over the decades by heavy industry, including defense operations at the long-abandoned Bermite munitions factory in Saugus.
Both real-time and historical pricing information as well as other aggregate data is available across all asset classes.
Clearly, the company understands the improved efficiency and ROI gained by utilizing a unified approach across multiple lines of business.
Boots sourcing, distribution and retail operations are spread across Europe, Asia and the United States, creating significant disparities in languages, time zones, currencies and processes.
Santa Clarita is in the process of joining a few hundred cities across the country, including Ventura, in installing new "pedestrian educational signs" at most of its intersections.
With the increase in consumer pressure and competitiveness on the High Street across Europe, we're seeing retailers shift from two main seasons of fashion collections to six, nine, and twelve per year, rolling new merchandise into the business on an almost continuous basis.
The challenge is to fully unify IT management across IT domains, and provide information that can be used to meet and exceed service levels," said Rich Corley, Akorri founder and CTO.
The Smiles Across Minnesota coalition will involve leadership and support from several Minnesota organizations including Delta Dental of Minnesota, Children's Dental Services, 3M, Greater Twin Cities United Way, Park Dental and University Bank.
Charles Taylor from the UF HPC Center, "The Longbow Campus product allows us to extend the reach of InfiniBand across our campus, while the Longbow XR would enable us to connect all major Florida Universities via the 10 Gb/s Florida Lambda Rail (FLR) WAN.
The number, age and functionality of card terminals varies greatly across Europe's forecourts with France and Spain having the highest average number of terminals per site and the UK having the newest terminals.