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American College of Cardiology.
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Abbreviation for anodal closure contraction.
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Abbreviation for:
acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase
acinic-cell carcinoma
adenoid cystic carcinoma
Adjusted Credit Ceiling (Medspeak-UK)
agenesis of corpus callosum
alveolar cell carcinoma
ambulatory care center
American College of Cardiology
anodal closure contraction
anterior cingulate cortex
aplasia cutis congenita
Association of County Councils (Medspeak-UK)
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(a-kom?a-da'shon) [L. accommodare, to suit],

a; acc

1. Adjustment or adaptation.
2. In ophthalmology, a phenomenon noted in receptors in which continued stimulation fails to elicit a sensation or response.
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3. The adjustment of the eye for various distances whereby it is able to focus the image of an object on the retina by changing the curvature of the lens. In accommodation for near vision, the ciliary muscle contracts, causing increased rounding of the lens, the pupil contracts, and the optic axes converge. These three actions constitute the accommodation reflex. The ability of the eye to accommodate decreases with age. Synonym: ocular accommodation; visual accommodation See: illustration
4. In the learning theory of Jean Piaget, the process through which a person's schema of understanding incorporates new experiences that do not fit existing ways of understanding the world. See: adaptation

absolute accommodation

Accommodation of one eye independently of the other.

binocular accommodation

Coordinated accommodation of both eyes jointly.

excessive accommodation

Greater-than-needed accommodation of the eye.

ill-sustained accommodation

Ill-sustained insufficiency.

mechanism accommodation

A method by which curvature of the eye lens is changed in order to focus close objects on the retina.

negative accommodation

Relaxation of the ciliary muscle to adjust for distant vision.

ocular accommodation

Accommodation (3).

positive accommodation

Contraction of the ciliary muscle to adjust for near vision.

reasonable accommodation

An employer's responsibility to provide necessary workplace changes in reassignment, equipment modification, devices, training materials, interpreters, and other adjustments for disabled employees.

relative accommodation

The extent to which accommodation is possible for any specific state of convergence of the eyes.

subnormal accommodation

Insufficient accommodation.

visual accommodation

Accommodation (3).
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