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He said format of the event is being discussed with ACBS and arrangements are afoot to hold this prestigious event.
We are extremely pleased that BB&T has selected FIS' ACBS solutions for its loan operations," said Richard Levy, president of FIS' ACBS division.
The ACBS solution will provide increased efficiencies from the front to back offices which will allow us to service our clients and investors more effectively throughout the organization," said Jean-Paul Oudet, Head of Corporate Banking and Credit Markets.
FIS' ACBS origination and servicing solution provides robust, enterprise-scale origination and servicing capabilities for both commercial and corporate loan portfolios.
Previously, the industry had been dependent on disparate, nonstandardized spreadsheets to manage an inefficient and complex process of allocating inventory to trades and managing upstreams," said Scott Kostyra, senior vice president for ACBS.
This transaction allows FIS to remain focused on delivering its market leading ACBS Loan Servicing System and front-office suite of products in sales, syndication and loan trading while creating a high-velocity alliance that delivers unmatched value to our clients in the syndicated loan space," said Richard Levy, president of FIS' ACBS division.
ACBS products automate, streamline and integrate every phase in the life a loan -- origination, syndication, servicing, trading, portfolio management, reporting and analysis -- from the middle market to the largest syndicated credits.
Standard Bank selected ACBS to provide a single global database for origination, loan servicing, trading and business intelligence.
Chevy Chase Bank will deploy ACBS origination and servicing solutions in its back-office operations, via FIS' Application Service Provider (ASP) solution, to efficiently originate and service commercial loans.
a Fortune 500 provider of products and outsourced services and solutions to financial institutions and the real estate industry, announced that the British Government Department, Export Credits Guarantee Department ("ECGD") has implemented the following products: ACBS Servicing, ACBS Origination and ACBS DataMart.
It has 16 offices throughout the US and offers acoustic detection systems for civil and military applications such as SECURES(R) (urban gunshot detection and localization system), TAGIT-CS (sniper detection and localization system), ACBS (artillery and mortar detection and localization system), and FLGPSAR (forward looking ground penetrating radar designed to identify Improvised Explosive Devices "IEDs" and mines).
Emigrant will deploy ACBS across multiple business lines, including real estate and private banking, to improve the efficiency of processing complex transactions and further enhance the level of service provided to clients and investors.