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This indicates that the reversing mechanism of paeonol on paclitaxel resistance in breast cancer could be associated with the reduction in the expression of transgelin 2-mediated ABC transporter proteins.
The role of the ABC transporter proteins P-gp, MRPl, and BCRP in MCF-7/PTX cells was investigated simultaneously in the present study.
These results prompted us to consider that transgelin 2 may promote the resistance of breast cancer cells to paclitaxel by increasing the expression of ABC transporter protein.
It was also discovered that the expressions of the ABC transporter protein P-gp, MRP1, and BCRP were correspondingly down-regulated in MCF-7/PTX cells with decreasing transgelin 2 expression.
The first goal of our work was to study the contribution of ABC molecules in DC maturation and, in a second step, we are studying whether ABC transporter proteins under different immunosuppressive therapies are able to modify DC maturation states and potentially ABC pro-inflammatory substrates.
Scientists have struggled with understanding how ABC transporter proteins work and communicate with other proteins.
ABC transporter proteins act as cellular gatekeepers by retaining nutrients and expelling toxins from the cell.
Stagljar said that their discovery shows how ABC transporter proteins effect cancer and other diseases, and this knowledge can help us develop better, more targeted drugs.
Detecting the interaction of drug candidates with a wide variety of ABC transporter proteins, including MDR1, MRPs and MXR; * Testing the target binding of MDR modulators; * Predicting penetration of drug candidates through pharmacological barriers; * Predicting penetration of intracellularly active cytostatics through the membranes of tumor cells.
SOLVO's leading in vitro assay systems are designed to detect interaction of test compounds with a wide array of ABC Transporter proteins found at these vital pharmacological barriers.