ABBI System

ABBI™ System

A device that facilitates minimally-invasive breast biopsies by defining a lesion with an accuracy of within 1 mm through stereotactic visualisation. The lesion is localised with an injection of dye and removed with a cannula entered through a tiny skin incision. It saves open biopsies in atypical hyperplasia and LCIS. In DCIS or invasive cancer, re-excision is required.
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The ABBI system removes the entire suspicious specimen in one short procedure that requires only local anesthetic.
What we're looking at with the ABBI process is a major change in how breast disease is managed," says Kaye Riolo, MD, a plastic surgeon who will use the ABBI System at Carlisle Hospital.
The ABBI system combines the two steps into one highly precise, minimally invasive procedure.
Surgeon Rodney Fritchley, MD, looks forward to using the ABBI system on his patients at Carlisle Hospital.
The USS ABBI system, for example, is minimally invasive breast biopsy and has received an enthusiastic response from breast surgeons.
This should significantly increase the number of patients that can take advantage of the ABBI system.
FDA-Cleared ABBI System Enhances Patient Care and Reduces Costs
The ABBI system can minimize the amount of pain, disfigurement and scarring associated with open breast biopsy, allows the surgeon to use local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia and reduces the time required for the procedure.
David Fleiszer, the surgeon who pioneered the use of the ABBI system at Montreal General Hospital, said, "Patients who have had previous biopsy experiences say there is no comparison between the ABBI procedure and other techniques.
Under the agreement, LORAD will also make available, through its distributors, a conversion kit that will allow existing LORAD stereotactic equipment to accept US Surgical's single-use ABBI system.
The ABBI system that will be used in conjunction with LORAD's stereotactic equipment requires only one procedure to place the marker and remove the entire specimen for biopsy.