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Beginning May 1, 2008, AAOA will offer a range of options from UnitedHealthcare's product portfolio.
We are pleased that AAOA selected UnitedHealthcare as its partner in expanding access to health care for more businesses and consumers in Washington.
Our agreement with UnitedHealthcare will give AAOA members greater access to more affordable health care coverage for their employees and dependents.
More information on AAOA is available at 425-968-0545 or by visiting www.
In 2005 I presented a protocol for SLIT administration at the 64th AAOA Annual Meeting (later published in 2007).
44) In 2009 I presented a paper at the AAOA Annual meeting comparing the effectiveness of the SCIT and SLIT, and after a statistical analysis for the results it was found that both treatments are equally effective.
Presented at the 68th AAOA Annual meeting, October 3, 2009.