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The minister, Loucas Louca had said on Tuesday morning that "ransom demands lay behind the theft and there was no political motive whatsoever." AaAt lunch-time, an irate Pantelides said on a TV show that the family had never received a ransom demand, implying that the minister did not know what he was talking about.
AaAt the same time, the airline is trying to respond to the crisis by offering customers value and quality in anticipation of improving economic circumstances.Aa
AaAt the same time,AaRussia's Pacific region is being drawn ever deeper into China's economic orbit.
Aa * Have we not recognized Israel's 'existence' when we know it was they who fired white phosphorus Aaat our people, causing burns so severe they penetrate through skin and muscle to the bone?
Al Ain: AaAt least 17 students of a private school got injured when their school bus collided with a water tanker in Al Yaher District, some 25 kilometres away from downtown Al Ain.
They indicated that GAAA, AAAT, GATA and GGAA were the most common tetranucleotide repeats while GACA and GACT were rarer.
It was my pleasure to work with BT on launching VIVA in the Kingdom of Bahrain."AaAt the heart of VIVA's ambitious plans is its high-quality and modern communications network, based on the HSPA+ technology.
JUBA, Sudan: AaAt least 140 people have been killed and 90 wounded over the past week in the remote troubled Wunchuei region of Warrap state in southern Sudan, a senior UN official said on Thursday.AaClashes, apparently between rival tribal groups, have occurred since the beginning of the month but reports emerged only after a UN security team visited the remote area by aircraft two days ago.
AaAt the opening, the garden was studded with flower baskets leading to the gallery, a wooden gazebo with white cloth stretched along its roof and sides, holding the works of Amy Arif, Dorra, Nawara and Omar.
Islamabad: AaAt least 53 people were killed and 266 injured in the Marriott Hotel suicide truck bombing in the Pakistani capital, the government said yesterday, a day after the devastating attack termed Pakistan's 9/11 by a minister.
ehhtbbet As the result of fear alone, he documented a list of things that could go wrong with a birth - from arrested birth (the baby won't come out) to an aaat exhausted mother who is simply unable to push.