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Sodium ascorbate inhibits growth via the induction of cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human malignant melanoma A375.
In a humanised preclinical model expressing human PD-L1 and implanted with a colon adenocarcinoma cell line and in a A375 human melanoma model, CBT-502 significantly inhibited tumor growth in a dose-dependent manner that was comparable to atezolizumab.
Cell lines used for testing by orthogonal methods included not only the 3 listed above but also A375, HS578T, LOXIV, PD-L1-transfected Chinese hamster ovary, and Chinese hamster ovary parental.
11 It has also been observed that tacrolimus increases the melanogenesis and cell migration on human A375 cells.
5 [micro]g/ml using the xCELLigence system, they observed immediate decreases in the cell index probably mediated by a detachment of the A375 malignant melanoma cells from the surface of the plate.
Human and rat melanoma cell lines were obtained from Bioresource Collection and Research Center (Taiwan): A375 (BCRC number 60039), A375.
have found that theaflavins and thearubigins, another key class of black tea polyphenols, can suppress A431 (human epidermoid carcinoma) and A375 (human malignant melanoma) cell proliferation without adversely impacting normal human epidermal keratinocytes.
It contains the predictions of the other scores of nucleosome occupancy using experimental data from the A375 cellular line developed by Ozsolak et al (17) In the browser, the score corresponding to a 50-nucleotide oligo is assigned to the 26th base.
Polygonatum cyrtonema lectin induces apoptosis and autophagy in human melanoma A375 cells through a mitochondria-mediated ROS-p38-p53 pathway.
Using the A375 human melanoma cell line in SCID mice, the Company demonstrated that vitiligo-derived IgG preparations can prevent the growth of melanomas in a dose dependant manner.
The other cryptotanshinone would restore the sensitivity of A375 melanoma cells that were resistant to TRAIL by upregulating the expression of death receptor 5 (DR5) [39].