A-site (acceptor-, amino acid-, aminoacyl-site)

the site for TRANSFER RNA on the RIBOSOME; the location at which specific transfer RNA molecules become attached to the ribosome during PROTEIN SYNTHESIS. At this site the next CODON on mRNA is exposed for TRANSLATION.
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In spite of the commonly used A-site and/or B-site partial substitution-doping modification, another effective way that is attracting increasing attention is to amend the surface redox chemistry and oxygen deficiency of perovskite oxides via getting A-site cationic deficiencies introduced into their lattice structure.
Moreover, a new line appears at about 117 [cm.sup.-1] for 0.95BT-0.05PZN (indicated by arrow), which may be evidence of a structural change associated with the A-site symmetry change.
In case of BNT, the bismuth and sodium ions are on the A-site and titanium ions are on the B-site of the structure; this is only to show the stoichiometry that is present in an ideal mixture.
Aminoglycoside antibiotics exert their antibacterial activity by binding to 16S ribosomal RNA at the tRNA acceptor A-site (aminoacyl site), and affect the ability of the ribosome to decode mRNA correctly during protein synthesis [3].
The intensity of lines 2 and 5 of the A-site component is negligible, whereas the relative areas of lines 2 and 5 for the B-site component were p [approximately equal to] 0.55, corresponding to an average canting angle, [theta] [approximately equal to] 29[degrees] for the B-site spins.
Tetracycline, a broad-spectrum antibiotic, binds primarily at the A-site as well as at several secondary sites.
Indeed, rather than negative feedback from B sites upon A-site output, we see positive amplification of B-site output by A-site surplus.
In 1993-94, the school piloted a new program in which grade information compiled in grade2 is transferred directly to A-SITE, a mainframe computer system that sends data to the district head office for report card generation.
Mixed domains with both A sites and B sites introduce movement out of the plane (elevating B-site molecules) that releases strain built up in pure A-site domains.
In our previous study, it was found that the oxygen deficiency significantly affected the A-site of Sr atoms more than that of Ba atoms and the modified A/B-site of BST powders influenced the phase structure [3].