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They also fear driving students towards an "easier" alternative will "cannibalise" A-level Maths and stretch resources further, claiming just 76% of maths teachers have a maths qualification.
Over the past decade A-level entries have gone up, but there has been a decrease in subjects like physics, modern foreign languages and maths and a growth in media studies, sports science, expressive arts, religious studies and psychology.
The minister replied: "Both the local authority and department have concluded that there is no clear evidence of immediate demand for A-Level provision above and beyond that which currently exists and is available.
GCSE results are dished out a week after A-levels, on Thursday, August 25.
She said: "In South Tyneside we now have two new sixth forms, at Whitburn and St Wilfrid's, which has doubled A-level provision in the Borough.
Both schools also performed well when it came to joint A-level and AS-level UCAS figures with scores of 366 for Bablake and 372 for King Henry VIII.
It's expected that with another 500 Six Form places on offer to A-level students, many more will have the chance to fulfil their potential and go on to university.
The college also has a reputation for helping students who need to improve their A-level grades to secure entry at top-tier universities.
Mr Gove has also suggested universities should be more involved in designing A-level qualifications.
Of these inquiries, 18% of GCSE grades (15,825 in total) were altered, along with 10% of A-level grades (5,705 in total).
Abbey College, which focuses on students entering the medical, legal, and business professions, reported a "signiAcant improvement" in this year's A-level results.
THE exams watchdog called for a review of A-level maths today after controversial reforms were found to have made the subject "easier".